Disrupting the Norm

The ever-changing landscape of extended workforces is reshaping industries worldwide, transcending borders and revolutionizing the way businesses operate. Efficiently managing contingent labor has become paramount, and Suna Workforce Management (SWM) VMS is a solution designed to streamline and optimize the entire lifecycle of your contingent workforce.

Traditional HR systems often fall short when it comes to accommodating the complexities of extended workforces, resulting in inefficiencies and missed opportunities. Now, more than ever, there is a pressing demand for a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates and maximizes the potential of your extended workforce.

Technology Matters

Technology is important so that your current environment is maintained and complimented with data optics. SWM VMS can integrate into your tech stack and scale appropriately as your business grows.

Drag and Drop

Reporting that makes data analysis a breeze with intuitive customization to report on what data means the most to you.


Your extended workforce is simplified with automated workflows designed to keep you compliant across local and federal regulations. Regular scheduled reports creates consistency in audit patterns and ensures your suppliers and workers are compliant.

Allow workers and internal users to access SWM on the go with any device and without any app downloads.

Shifts or Assignments

SWM has the flexibly to schedule for complex shift arrangements and straight forward assignments on the same dashboard.

Customizable Timesheets

Ensure time capture, accruals, adjustments and leaves are documented properly and our multi-layered approval process can be as complex or simple as you prefer.

Appreciate the ability to cut costs and redeploy talent while promoting and rewarding workers from within.

Vendor Friendly

Our vendor pool of 150+ suppliers have great things to say about SWM VMS. Among the highlights are its ease of use, time capture options, scorecarding and reporting features. When vendors engage with the SWM team, they enjoy increased responsiveness, open communications and reciprocal stewardship.

Comprehensive Solutions

Equipped to scale with your business, SWM encompasses contingent workforce, employer of record, statement of work (SOW), independent contractor and direct hire management with global capabilities.

Where does SWM VMS Fit?

Where does SWM VMS Fit?

SWM VMS is designed with first generation and small to medium-sized contingent workforce programs in mind.

Implementing a VMS doesn’t need to be overly complex. SWM VMS was engineered to meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses with minimal disruption. Intuitive functionality and managed implementation simplify the adoption process and ongoing contingent worker management.

The SWM VMS team has decades of robust product engineering and development to keep up with the evolving VMS landscape. The SWM management team has thousands of implementation hours and industry best practices under our belt to steer programs toward success and scalability.

Empowering Businesses Across Industries

Our solutions are not limited to specific industries and cater to a diverse array of businesses. From technology to healthcare, or finance to manufacturing, our solutions are customizable to the unique requirements.

Why SWM?

Why SWM?

SWM leverages years of organizational knowledge, the best industry partners, and best technology to simplify extended workforce management. HR, finance and procurement receive enhanced agility and effectiveness with easy to use workflows and reporting.

Manage the Day-to-Day 

From sourcing to separation, SWM handles every step of the contingent process with efficiency and scalability.

Gain Workforce Optics

Understand the entirety of your extended workforce and gain control across traditional staff augmentation, independent contractors and statement of works.

Ensure Compliance and Reduce Risk

Comprehensive and centralized payroll compliance streamlines how you pay your contingent workforce. Standardize contracts, automate workflows and manage worker engagements.


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SWM is a solution to streamline and optimize the entire lifecycle of your contingent workforce. Contact us today to learn more.