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Case Study: Managed Service Provider

Case Study: Managed Service Provider

Client: Global Pharmaceutical Company

Scenario: Client was utilizing 20+ staffing suppliers in several geographic locations and across several skill set disciplines. Mark ups from suppliers varied from 27% to over 90%. Some suppliers were utilizing Per Diem as compensation and charging the client a full mark up.

Solution: Implemented a Managed Service Program driven by a centralized technology platform.

Result: Rolled out standardized mark ups by skill set, resulting in a net savings of 18%.

Case Study: Managed Service Provider

Case Study: Managed Service Provider

Client: International Manufacturing Company

Scenario: Client was engaging multiple suppliers across several geographic areas for similar types of positions in warehouse and manufacturing.

Solution: Implemented standard Sub Vendor agreement with uniform conversion terms.

Result: Client realized an 8% cost reduction by reducing long term temporary spend.

Case Study: Managed Service Provider

Case Study: Managed Service Provider

Client: International Healthcare Company

Scenario: Client experienced rapid growth via acquisitions as well as organic growth. This resulted in a large contingent workforce that needed to be integrated into their strategic growth plan.

Solution: Implemented a MSP/VMS to provide complete optics on the contingent workforce.

Result: Established compliance standards for all vendors along with standard rates and onboarding requirements to ensure a uniform candidate experience. We were able to provide the client with industry best practices to reduce risk.

Case Study: Managed Service Provider

Case Study: Managed Service Provider

Client: Medical Device Distribution

Scenario: Client was utilizing a third party to manage a critical part of their distribution operations but were experiencing high turnover and quality challenges. Due to the nature of the agreement with the third party, the client was not able to interview and select who was being hired.

Solution: We transitioned the group into our existing MSP solution and re-established hiring requirements and the onboarding process.

Result: The client experienced a savings of 22%.

  • See what our MSP Clients have to say about us:

    “Suna runs a high-quality MSP. They are easy to work with and facilitate to help the client and the vendors get what they need. Working with them has been seamless and as a vendor it’s been a much better process than other MSPs I’ve supplied for.”

    Alexis, Senior Solutions Consultant


    “At first, I found the MSP to be another layer which I thought would be inconvenient, but it’s been great working with Suna. Our Account Manager is superb and deserves all his praises; he’s got a tough job to try and keep everyone happy.”

    Michael, Hiring Manager

Case Study: Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Case Study: Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Client: Healthcare Services Company

Scenario: Client experienced 2 large projects during the year that required adding 100+ Customer Care representatives for a 3 month project.

Solution: Implemented an RPO solution that included an integrated strategy of both On-shore and Off-shore resources. The solution included the vetting of qualified candidates with a standard soft skills interview and hard skills assessment.

Result: Client experienced a savings of over $400k in the first year.

Case Study: Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Case Study: Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Client: California based distribution company

Scenario: Client experienced an immediate need of approximately 150 positions across 4 disciplines: Drivers, Customer Service and Assemblers. The project had a 6 week ramp up.

Solution: Implemented an RPO solution where we operated within the client ATS to improve the onboarding efficiency and minimize administrative and data entry costs by streamlining the candidate experience.

Result: Reduced the average cost per hire by 32% in hard savings and efficiency gains.

  • See what our RPO Clients have to say about us:

    “You guys have been truly exceptional in identifying high caliber talent incredibly fast, allowing us to meet an ambitious timeline. HUGE thanks to the whole Suna team for your efforts and for connecting us to these candidates! Thanks again!”

    Jason, Director of Talent Acquisition


    “The Suna team made our search fast and easy. We found the talent we needed in a quick timeframe. Thanks Suna Team, You sure made this search easy!

    Lauren, HR Consultant

Case Study: Independent Contractor Compliance

Case Study: Independent Contractor Compliance

Client: Medical Services Provider

Scenario: Client was expanding services into California and needed to engage highly skilled medical professionals for multiple, short term projects throughout the State.

Solution: Create a pre-vetted database of IC’s for rapid deployment/re-deployment housed in a searchable database accessible by the client.

Result: The client was able to engage resources directly based on quality reviews from previous projects to ensure a high quality service delivery. The client was also able to identify resources who were located near events to minimize costs related to travel time.

  • See what our IC Clients have to say about us:

    “The attention to detail and level of professionalism is phenomenal at Suna Solutions. They are a great team to work with and I highly recommend them.”

    Christine, Media Manager

Case Study: Consulting

Case Study: Consulting

Client: Global financial services company

Scenario: Client was implementing a new ERP and was evaluating strategic solutions to more effectively manage their contingent workforce. The client used multiple staffing agencies for recruiting and payroll service.

Solution: We conducted a 2 month consulting project and evaluated their current vendor pool to identify operational best practices they could introduce and how the new technology platform could be enabled to manage the contingent workforce internally.

Result: Client implemented standard recruited and payroll service rates, and SLA’s to improve quality of candidates.