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Be the Current of Change

In the ever changing landscape of extended workforces, become the driving current of transformation with Suna Workforce Management (SWM).

Unlock your organization’s creative energy and bid farewell to outdated ideas and embrace a wave of inspirational possibilities with SWM’s solutions to solve your most complex business challenges.

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Why SWM?

SWM leverages years of organizational knowledge, the best industry partners, and best technology to simplify extended workforce management. Your stakeholder and hiring teams receive enhanced agility and effectiveness with easy to use workflows and reporting.

Evolve Beyond Traditional Work

SWM collaborates with you to craft a strategy that empowers people to become your competitive edge, delivering tangible results that drive progress.

Ignite Advanced Thinking

The path to innovation lies in embracing agile change as your new standard for success. SWM’s documented process minimizes change management hurdles and establishes best practices.

Accelerate the Flow to Productivity

Empower the entire ecosystem of human capability, market insights, DEI and intelligent automation to create ripples of innovation and disrupt stagnant currents of thought.

Workforce Management Transformed

SWM stands out for our commitment to a customer service focused experience. SWM seamlessly integrates with existing HR workflows, allowing you to leverage existing investments and minimize change management. Our best-in-class implementation processes create opportunities for hands on training and ensure a smooth onboarding process for all users.

Big Firepower for Small Business

A typically under-represented segment in global workforce management, SWM takes pride in providing the additional care and attention that small and medium size businesses need to navigate the challenges of growth in an evolving marketplace.

Empowering Businesses Across Industries

Our solutions are not limited to specific industries and cater to a diverse array of businesses. From technology to healthcare, or finance to manufacturing, our solutions are customized to the unique requirements of each end user.

Technology Matters

A Compatible Vendor Management System (VMS) technology is important so that your current environment is not disrupted but complimented with the addition of SWM. From our own VMS to industry leading providers, we have experience with the latest technologies that allow seamless integrations to existing framework for a variety of environments.

Our neutral approach to determining the best technology for your needs and objectives ensures success for your program. Our relationship network spans over a dozen platforms.

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Contact Us Today

SWM is a solution to streamline and optimize the entire lifecycle of your contingent workforce. Contact us today to learn more.