Current Employees

Welcome to Suna. Make yourself at home.

Congrats on your new position! Now that you’ve used our employment services to find a temporary or full-time position, you might have a question or two. Here are some handy resources to make life easier for our current employees.

Submit Your Timesheet

You rocked another week. Now let’s get you paid. Submit your weekly timesheet each Monday before 9am. If you haven’t received directions and a link to register with our online timekeeping system, please call your HR Account Specialist right away.

Submit Your Timesheet Instructions

Epic perks. Because you deserve it.

As a leading recruitment agency, we want to make sure you’re happy and healthy. Please reference your benefits summary / handbook for eligibility.


Retire in style. Deposit a percentage of your pre-tax or post-tax salary (up to allowable annual maximum) in one of our wide array of funds.

Group Health Plan

Use pre-tax dollars to pay your medical, dental and vision insurance. Full time employees may opt into our health plan and gain the benefit of group insurance.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Times can get tough. We want to help. We offer employee assistance for a wide range of personal issues, like marital and family problems, financial struggles, chemical dependence and psychological treatment.

Get paid fast. Choose from direct deposit into your checking or savings account or receive your wages in the form of a Pay Card, which is like a debit card. We can also issue your pay stub online, so you get it right away.

Improve Your Commute

Protect the Earth and your bank account. Buy public transportation tickets and/or monthly parking permits through pre-tax payroll deductions.

Referral Bonus

Send a friend our way and we’ll give you a referral bonus of up to $500, based on the number of hours your friend is on assignment.

Entertainment Discounts

Have more fun when you’re not working. We offer discounts at amusement parks, movies, entertainment venues and more.

Veterinary Pet Insurance

It’s hard to focus when your furry friend is sick. Buy pet insurance with post-tax dollars and put your mind at ease.

Current Employees – Everything you need to know to stay happy with Suna.

Our happy place.

We’re as serious about fun as we are about work. We know how powerful it is to surround yourself with awesome people who really love their jobs. From lunchtime trivia quizzes to scavenger hunts and bowling night, we genuinely like our coworkers and it shows in the service we deliver.


We love our employees and show our appreciation through monthly contests featured in our newsletter, Suna Scoop. Our activities change every month and allow for fun opportunities to engage with one another while recognizing the significant impact you have on our company. Prizes included! Reach out to your HR representative if you are not currently receiving our Suna Scoop newsletter.



We tell it like it is. We just can’t help ourselves.


We don’t believe in spinning our wheels. Everything we do helps you get ahead.


We all march to the beat of our own drum. We’ve got a pretty good groove going.

Community Involvement

Giving back feels great. We encourage our staff to volunteer around town on company time and share with us what they learn.