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Our Managed Service Provider (MSP) solutions are designed to encompass your contingent workforce from requisition approval to payment. Focus on your core business needs while gaining insight to total optics and increased performance on workforce engagements through our Single Point of Contact model.

As your MSP, SWM curates services based on your priorities. This can encompass Temporary or Temp-to-Hire Workers, Direct Hire or Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Payroll or Employer of Record (EOR) Services, Independent Contractor Compliance and Agent of Record (AOR) Services, Vendor Management System (VMS) Technology and Statement of Work (SOW) Management.

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The Best Partners

Temporary Staffing and RPO Partners

SWM’s pool of staffing vendors contains over a hundred pre-vetted providers across a variety of skill categories and geographies, and from industry leaders to diverse businesses to niche suppliers. While we pride ourselves on over a 95% success rate with negotiating with existing staffing vendors during implementation, our pool allows us to rapidly respond to changing needs in your business.

Why do they love to work with us? Simple, our customer focus extends to our staffing partners to create a great value statement:

Transparency to Requisitions

Centralized Communication

Quicker Responses

Robust Feedback & Coaching

Access to Reporting

Top Performers Rewarded

Access to New Requisitions

SOW Service Providers

SWM has a large and ever growing database of service providers and independent contractors representing specialized skills, known performance levels, and at the right price point for your business. While many of our SOW engagements are referred by clients to SWM to manage, we can also serve as referrer to known resources. Quicker onboarding, fast payments, and business growth mean that service providers love to work with SWM!

Vendor Management System Providers

SWM partners with a wide variety of Vendor Management System (VMS) providers to ensure our clients can access the latest technology that allow seamless integrations to existing framework for a variety of environments. Our neutral approach to determining the best technology for your needs and objectives ensures success for your program. Our relationship network spans over a dozen platforms, including our key VMS partners below.


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Workday VNDLY optimizes contingent worker management. This VMS seamless integrates with Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) for extended workforce management, statement of work, and worker profile management across the globe.

SWM is a partner and leader in Workday VNDLY solution and implementation.


Beeline combines VMS functionality with a comprehensive workforce platform to provide control and visibility across all worker types, plus end -to-end solutions to management contingent and project -based talent.

Bridge VMS

BridgeVMS is designed to manage both shift and assignment workers, streamline processes, and provide visibility needed for robust cost savings.

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"I’ve been working with my Staffing Firm for over 11 years and many of those have been with VMS partners. Our Manager for our Managed Service Provider program is by the far kindest and most helpful of them all. I truly value our relationship with Suna and just wanted you to know your team is doing a great job and we appreciate being able to partner with Suna."

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