IC Compliance

What’s the difference between an Independent Contractor and an Employee?

The process of properly classifying a contractor is complex and confusing. Federal, state and local governments have strict classification regulations, making legal compliance difficult. If misclassified, contractors can violate wage, tax and employment eligibility laws. Your business may be liable for paying back-taxes and interest on wages and be at risk of being drawn into crippling lawsuits.

Documented Process

Whether you need to audit an existing workforce or plan on hiring, we utilize a meticulous evaluation process that exposes any potential liabilities.

Team of Experts

Our legal and HR teams are well-versed in the requirements of vetting an employee and stay abreast to local, state and federal government regulations.

Mitigate the Risk

Whether you are looking to utilize an Agent of Record (AOR) or Employer of Record (EOR), Suna provides the flexibility of expanding your workforce as you desire.

Managing SOW

Improve the cost, capabilities and results of your projects by utilizing our SOW services that provide information and project performance on deliverables.