We’re people pleasers and proud of it.

For us, making people happy is all in a day’s work. We think your job search should be fun, not scary. After all, if you’re going to spend the next few weeks or months or years with a company, we want you to love what you do. We don’t like to brag but we’re pretty sure we’re one of the best places to work and best staffing agencies in San Diego.

Working with Suna’s technical recruiters felt like a great relief after having gone through bouts of uncertainty and hopelessness of unemployment. Suna is incomparably professional and provides the utmost personalized assistance with a big hint of ‘care.’ I am employed again today and Suna has a great part in it. My family and I will always be grateful.

Facilities Supervisor, Training and Coaching Company

My recruiter was so easy to talk to and really understood where I wanted to take my career. I have never worked with a staffing company that actually cares about my needs like Suna does.

I recommend Suna to my friends and colleagues because they provide excellent results with a variety of options to fit your needs.”

SUNA's process is so easy compared to almost all other agencies. They operate more like the way temp agencies used to operate but no longer do. Every other agency makes you jump through hoops by taking a bunch of tests, lengthy applications and at least 2 hours in the lobby waiting with at least 8 other people to meet with the same recruiter. With SUNA on the other hand, there was no jumping through hoops, no awkward interviews with the recruiters, no test taking, and no awkward situation with complete strangers who are waiting to be interviewed for the same job as you are. SUNA just makes it VERY easy to get to work. Kind of reminds me of the old school temp agencies that would just send you out on a job. Not scrutinize you in an uncomfortable interview, only to send you home that day and never receive a phone call from them. SUNA makes it easy for you, and puts you back out in the workforce!


My experience working with Suna was very positive. My recruiter made the overall hiring process so easy going and she was extremely helpful in determining what would be the best fit.

I have already recommended my spouse to Suna and he had the same awesome experience as I did. Suna will not only get you a job but they will find you a job you actually like.

When I recommend a colleague or employer to Suna I describe their services as easy, fast and efficient. The overall hiring process is not tedious or stressful whatsoever. My recruiter worked hard to understand me and make sure I was comfortable with the position, salary and hours I was offered.

Sarah - Customer Service, Flooring Manufacturer

My experience working with Suna has been fabulous. I could not have found a better recruiting service.

My Suna recruiter was a class act and really demonstrated her efforts by exceeding my expectations.

When I think of a word to best describe Suna, I think of partner. My relationship with Suna and their team is an ongoing positive relationship.

Working with Suna has changed my perception of staffing agencies. The team really worked hard and listened to what I wanted instead of just fill a role or checking a box, they gave me the best Career possible.

When I recommend Suna to a colleague or employer, I describe the overall process as clear and concise with excellent and fast communication.

Lisa - Executive Assistant to President and CEO, Pharmaceutical Company

One of the recruiters from Suna reached out to me to inform me of an opportunity I may be interested in. I was extremely impressed with my recruiter and how responsive she was to my inquiries. Compared to other agencies where you disappear off the recruiter’s radar, my recruiter always kept me in the loop and provided the desired feedback I was looking for.

I would recommend Suna to others simply for the fact I felt my recruiter remained neutral to both my needs and the company in which I was seeking employment. Suna provided me with the comfort and trust I needed throughout the entire process.

Some recruiters can be overbearing with either too many calls or sending you on too many interviews just to fill a spot. My recruiter at Suna really stood out and made sure I was informed and happy when I accepted my final offer – I can’t say I know many staffing agencies that actually do that.

Jaejung - Legal Counsel, Industrial Computing Company

The entire process was very smooth. My Suna recruiter was transparent in communicating my needs to the company to make sure both sides were happy.

Suna has great relationships with desirable employers that are looking to hire and can help set appropriate expectations in a professional manner.

I have been approached by head hunters before. My Suna recruiter was able to keep me apprised of developments by the hiring company and their interest in me. I was always well informed by my recruiter, who played an important middleman. I’m now using Suna to recruit for senior positions in my new marketing organization.

Wendy - CMO, Mortgage Firm

My recruiter at Suna was conscious of my needs from the first conversation we had to days after I had already accepted my job offer. Anytime I had questions or concerns, she always made me feel like her priority was to make sure I was comfortable and happy.

Apart from having an incredible recruiter, when I came to Suna’s office to fill out my paperwork, the HR employees thoroughly went over all the documents and answered all the questions I had while providing me with excellent customer service. If I ever have an issue or question, I know I can call my HR representative or recruiter and they would help me figure it out in a professional and timely manner.

If I could think of one word to best describe Suna it would be helpful. The Suna team truly demonstrates a professional, relatable company that you would like to work with.

Lisyanne - Talent Acquisition Advisor, Fixture and Appliance Company

Suna isn’t your typical staffing agency that treats you like a number. The staff there is friendly and personable; they have a great culture and it shows in their work.

I recommend Suna to my friends and colleagues because they genuinely care about you and your career goals. Suna stands out from other staffing agencies by their unique approach to understanding my needs and pairing me with the right company.

Amber - HR Specialist, Pharmaceutical Company