Hiring Challenges Mangers will Face in 2023

We have seen unequaled challenges in the work place these past few years that has resulted in hiring challenges. The global pandemic impacted every employment sector, and supply chains. These conditions brought remarkable changes to the work force, such as remote work and hybrid work. We also experiment people relocating away from major cities to isolated places. Inflation, interest rates, etc. things seem to be changing very slowly now. So, what does this mean for Hiring Managers in 2023 – and are they ready for those challenges?

The Skills Gap Hiring Challenges

A big challenge still in place, The Skills Gap. Managers are hurting for the lack of qualified candidates. Potential hires complain that job requirements are too narrow or specific. What are you doing to narrow or close the gap? My suggestion is that management teams should be reaching out to non-traditional hiring sources to attract candidates as part of the solution.

The Resignation Challenge

We also have, The Resignation Challenge. Managers should be aware of the reasons why employees continue to resign, be open minded and willing to retain their work force. Some of the reasons employees are leaving their jobs vary between financial choices and wanting flexibility and support from their employers. As inflation takes a charge on paychecks, financial concerns may increase tremendously.

In 2023 – employees will be focusing more on what’s best for them when making career decisions. They’ll be much more interested in learning and the development of opportunities, mentorship, coaching, and career advancement, in addition to compensation.

The Move Toward Full Automation

Another challenge will be, The move toward full Automation. A recent study from McKinsey Global Institute determined that 50% of current work processes can be automated. This may bring on a crisis for people who don’t have opportunities to interact with other human beings. This will run the risk of polarizing people even more. The less we interact in person with others, the “meaner” we become. We’re prioritizing cost savings and automation over humanity and connection.

In conclusion, in 2023, the task of balancing caring for their employees, caring for their customers, and caring for their organizations’ needs during shaky economic times will challenge businesses.

For Employers, HR and Managers in particular, caring for employees during turbulent times includes major decision points about the programs that matter to their people – compensation, benefits, learning and development, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives, flexible scheduling, community giving, and more.

If your company is searching for the right talent and running into difficulties like those mentioned in this article, contact Suna today to find out how we can help streamline your hiring process.


Carmen Luna, Recruiting Team Lead at Suna Solutions