Celebrating International Pronouns Day 2021

international pronouns day

Celebrating International Pronouns Day 2021

International Pronouns Day is a day that was recognized to help share, educate and respect peoples personal pronounces commonplace. This day was founded by Shige Sakurai with the assistance from Genny Beemyn. It began on October 17th, 2018 and there were 25 countries that participated that year. Now, worldwide, international pronouns day is celebrated all over the world and it helps bring awareness and help celebrate people’s multiple, intersecting identities.

Here are some examples of ways to participate.

  • Use the #PronounsDay hashtag
  • Post your own pronouns on social media such as LinkedIn Profile
  • Share resources about the importance of using the correct pronouns for people

This year, Suna Solutions will be updating our signatures and allowing our employees to have the option to include their pronouns. We also are encouraging and sharing resources to help our employees learn more about the day and education them on personal pronouns.

“Using others preferred pronouns is a very simple way to show that not only are you an ally, but you recognize them for who they are. A person’s identity is important, and Suna strives to celebrate the unique identities of its employees, our partners, and the broader community.” States Scott Ortes, Sr. Director of Operations at Suna Solutions

Here are some resources that can help education and celebrate International Pronouns Day, according to HRforHR: