5 Recruiting Strategies for Hiring Top Talent

Recruiting strategies 

Recruiting top talent can be tricky. You want to make sure you are being professional and creative at the same time. As much as a candidate wants to impress you, you will want to impress them as well. You want to connect with top talent and drive excitement to the role you are recruiting for.

Here are a few recruiting strategies that will help you find the right talent on any job board:

  1. Less is more – when reaching out to potential candidates, get your point across without having to use a ton of wording. Each recruiter is different on how they like to compile their LinkedIn messages; however, we like to be as transparent as possible and show location, industry, compensation, and expectations.
  2. LinkedIn has an abundance of filters to play with. Take advantage and use them!
    1. For example, adding years of preferred experience, previous companies worked for and specific industry experience can really help during a specific headhunting search
  3. Make sure all of your grammar and punctuation is accurate in your messaging. It’s tough to trust a recruiter that doesn’t have good grammar!
  4. Get to the point – when you are targeting specific individuals for an opportunity, make sure that you highlight what your client is looking for, so the candidate has a good idea if the job is going to be a match. Being too brief with your message typically leads to less responses.
  5. Make sure you are transparent with candidates – LinkedIn is a powerful platform that allows you to directly message thousands of potential candidates. Make sure you are targeting relevant candidates and being transparent about job expectations. If you aren’t transparent about expectations up front, it could lead to a negative interviewing experience with your client.

James James Owsiany, Recruiting Manager

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