The Benefits of Working with a Payroll Provider


The Benefits of Working with a Payroll Provider

Payroll processing can be extremely time consuming as well as quite complex. It also can be very costly if not done correctly. You will want to make sure you follow all the ever-changing regulations, laws, policies, etc. to ensure that you don’t get any penalties or involved in any lawsuits.

Outsourcing your payroll can be very helpful and allows your employers to concentrate on their roles for the core of the business and free up time to pay close attention to strategic tasks which will ensure business growth.

A lot of people think that outsourcing your payroll can be expensive. That is not necessarily true. It cuts cost by almost half compared to hiring a payroll manager to be in charge with your payroll.

The Top Benefits of Working with a Payroll Provider:

Compliance: There are several complicated state and federal laws and regulations under payroll. Hiring a professional who keeps up to date with the new laws and regulations can save you a ton of money on any penalties or legal fees that could develop if you do not understand the legal aspects of payroll.

 Accurate/Reputation: Payroll firms are professionals. They have been doing it for a while. They are aware of the mistakes a lot of companies can make with payroll and usually will have an additional audit team that will ensure everything is compliant. This gives companies peace of mind knowing their payroll is in the right hands.

Security: With the amount of data breaches that have occurred over the years, it is more important than ever to be aware of risk and make sure your data is secure. Many payroll providers have secure technology. Payroll programs can get costly if you want that extra security.

Suna Solutions offers cost-effective employee-centric payroll and onboarding services to protect your business from possible employee misclassification that could expose your company to liability. By using technology and customized solutions, we can reduce the administrative burdens and lost time of onboarding, correctly classifying employees with various tax authorities. This will create instant custom reports to fuel smarter decision making and securely store your data while ensuring that you can access it at any time through the web.

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