Reducing Turnover in Call Centers

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Reducing Turnover in Call Centers

Turnover in a workplace can be difficult to control but there are many ways for you to try and prevent it from happening. The biggest thing is that you need to do the research and find the cause of the problem. It could be one thing or a plethora of items that need to be addressed. Call Centers in particular have a bad reputation for high turnover, and it can be hard to control.

Call Centers’ turnover rates are at about 25% to 35%, which can make it quite difficult to maintain quality. High turnover can put a lot of stress on management to refill positions or find talent in general. It is more important than ever to find ways to reduce turnover because it can be very costly to a company to have to keep rehiring and training new employees.

Below are the most effective ways we found to help retain employees in a call centers.

A Positive Company Culture: Your company culture sets the tone at any company. An employee interviewing or starting on their first day will notice the company culture and it will impact them immensely. Employees working in a positive and welcoming environment will have an impact on their performance and overall happiness in a company.

Professional Development/Growth: Having a strong career path to offer your employees can help motivate them to get to the next level. It also allows them to gain more skills and knowledge that will be helpful in the company’s and their future. Offering training and development programs to employees is essential in their career growth and will encourage employees to get to the next level.

Happy Employees: You hear it all the time, happy employees are productive employees. The happier an employee is the more effort they will put into their work. This is probably the most important aspect of a company; you do not want bad seeds in a company that can bring down the culture and overall environment.  This ensures your employees are happy to come into work, and their productivity will increase.

Technology: With technology continuing to grow and evolve, it is important to make sure your company is up to speed with new advancements. I am not saying you need to get all the latest and greatest tools as that can be costly but making sure you have technology available to do their job efficiently and timely.

Reward, Reward and Reward: Sometimes we forget to reward good behavior and work and it can cause tension in a workplace. If you are only mentioning mistakes, it can create a toxic environment. I am not saying you need to reward every time someone does something great but acknowledging good work is essential and inspires other employees to want to do good work.