Change Management During Workforce Transitions


Change Management During Workforce Transitions

With the complexity of today’s staffing world, potential clients maybe concerned about switching services as it could disrupt the crucial work that their temporary employees are performing.  While this is a valid concern, there are several crucial considerations and steps that can be taken to minimize the impact made by a change in staffing provider.

First, the process should be directed by the industry guidelines set by the American Staffing Association. Written notification should be sent to the outgoing staffing company advising of at least at thirty-day notice to transition a workforce. The impacted temporary workers should be allowed to continue on the payroll of the outgoing company through this transition period.

Next, consider the audience and their needs. If the average worker has been on assignment for more than three months, are there benefit dates or sick leave balances that need to be grandfathered? Is the transitioning workforce technology-savvy? What job perks are they used to and enjoy?  What are they not getting today that could be of use?

Time should be spend creating a transition plan that includes thorough communications to impacted temporary employees and hiring managers, onsite on-boarding and system training and a recruiting plan to fill any assignments that may transition without a temporary employee.

Finally, on-going promotion should be executed through routine communications. Attention should be brought to any available programs that might not have been mentioned during the on-boarding process, such as online training or upskilling systems, internal employee relations resources, benefits and employee discount programs.

Suna Solutions has extensive experience in effectively managing workforce transitions.  Our implementation protocols have netted a near 100% successful transition rate, high levels of employee satisfaction and a better overall value proposition for our clients.



Scott Ortes, Director of Operations