Why a Work-Life Balance is so Important

In today’s fast paced business world, maintaining a work-life balance is quite important. Pursuing a career can be challenging. We tend to get so focused on business goals, project deadlines, promotions and overall career goals, we put our personal relationships and mental rest on hold.

A work life balance is crucial to your mental health and personal relationships. It has even been said that it can help with your overall work ethic.

A lot of employers and employees do not put enough importance on mental health in a workplace. The variety of issues that come from stress can lead to very serious illness. If you are feeling “burned out”, that may be a sign that you need to take a break. It is good to take a break from work and be away from it for a bit. The weekends are a great way to reboot and not have to think about deadlines or what you need to do on Monday.

Using your PTO is very important. It is there for you to use. A lot of employees do not take PTO because they do not feel they can, due to stress from work projects, feeling badly about being away from work or just thinking you need to save PTO for vacations only. PTO can be used for all different reasons. Not only do you use PTO for vacation time but for personal days as well. Even if you take a random day off during the week, that can be very helpful to reboot your system.

It is important to note when you are taking these breaks that you do not look at your work phone or computer while being away from work. Sometime you think you need to stay caught up during PTO by looking at your email and responding to work emails. That is really a waste of PTO. You need to step away from your computer and phone (if your email is on your phone). This will help you to not think about anything and let yourself relax.

At Suna, we believe that a work life balance is necessary for overall productivity in the workplace. We offer a competitive PTO plan that allows our employees to be able to take enough PTO during the year to balance work and personal life.