What Skills You Should Add To Your Resume


What hard and soft skills should you add to your resume?

Deciding what you should put into the skills portion of your resume can be challenging. However, this section confirms to an employer your ability to do the job.  When adding skills to your resume it is important to know the difference between hard and soft skills.

Hard Skills are qualifications that are required for a job. They are specific and require abilities that can be measured. For example, computer skills, such as software programs.

Soft Skills are skills that are helpful in a workplace environment. There are people skills, for example, communication, adaptability, leadership, attitude, etc.

If you are unsure of what to add when you are building your resume, you should consider the following options.

Awards/Certificates/Achievements:Have you received awards or recognition in a specific area? This is a great place to revisit those awards and look at what your peers or co-workers have said about you. Think about what you have done to get certificates and to meet certain milestones.

Co-Workers: People you have worked with in the past are great advocates about your strengths in a workplace. Co-workers are considered your second family. You see them the most in your daily activities. They will be resources for you to determine what your skills are.

In many cases, although hard skills are required for positions, employers are able to teach candidates some hard skills such as a computer program (HR System). However, an employer cannot teach soft skills. When deciding what to put on your resume you will want to emphasize both hard and soft skills. If you are lacking a certain hard skill, you may be able to show off a soft skill that you have, or vice versa.

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