The Importance of Company Culture in a Workplace

Company Culture

Company culture is defined as the company environment, value and ethics in a workplace. It identifies the values of a company and a goal for an employee to maintain while working there. Company culture is often overlooked as a success factor because it can be hard to measure.   However, attracting and retaining the right employees while still fostering the company’s vision and goals can create a lot of success in the long run.

Company culture is extremely important for retention. An employee is more likely to stay at a company they enjoy working at and share the same values. On the other hand, if the employee doesn’t fit or agree with your culture, they are more likely to leave. An important thing to note is that sometimes it isn’t a bad thing if someone doesn’t fit or agree with your culture. It is important to be open minded as an employer and know that not everyone will agree with what you believe in or think is right.

“It sounds colloquial to say that people are a company’s best assets, but the truth is when you are able to give everyone a voice and platform to get engaged, the impact is measured not just by profits and growth, but by inspiration and innovation,” states Michael Larkins, President of Suna Solutions. “One of my mentors told me, ‘people will do for love, what they won’t do for money’ and that’s when I realized that to be an effective business leader, I wasn’t going to just find success, I had to attract it….through people! Then we set out to create an environment to allow people to take risks and learn about their own capabilities without fear of failure. Culture is not just a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘must have’ and this is completely owned and influenced by leaders in the company,” says Michael Larkins

The bottom line of culture is that it attracts the right employees to your company. To have a successful company, you need the right people that believe in your values and ethics as well as the products or services you provide. Making company culture a priority is essential to a company’s success and future.