Why Philanthropy is Important in a Workplace

A lot of leading employers are finding ways to be more charitable to drive more employee engagement and productivity. Philanthropy is one of our core values at Suna Solutions. We believe it is an essential part of a workplace environment.

Below we asked some of our employees why philanthropy is important to them and in a workplace.

“Philanthropy is an important value because I’ve been raised on the basis to leave the world in a better place than it was when I arrived. Humanity takes shape in different shapes across the world, and not everyone is able to take part in the things we take for granted. Small gestures go a long way, and I encourage people to contribute what you can. Financially, morally, with your services or time; leave the world a better place.”


Tyler Cook, Business Development

“Understanding what philanthropy means, happens in that moment when you recognize that the value of your actions isn’t measured in terms of self-sacrifice, but by impact. The reward for these actions is when you discover something inside of yourself you didn’t know you had…a gift to give.  I had an unfair advantage in life in that my Mom and Dad just happen to be the two greatest people in the world and I learned so many lessons by observing their actions and seeing the difference they made in people’s lives.    A commitment to philanthropy is a promise to yourself to give what you can, when you can when the opportunity presents itself. “


Michael Larkins, President

“There is nothing like working for a company that not only values Philanthropy but makes it part of their daily conversation. Philanthropy is more than just giving back – it’s about living a life that is revolved around supporting causes that lead us to a better place. Philanthropy has served as a wonderful opportunity for our employees to get out and support what makes them move.”


Heather Son, Corporate Human Resources Generalist

“Philanthropy is important to me because it gives us all an opportunity to give back and see life through someone else’s perspective. It is a humbling experience that provides assistance and support to others while reminding us to give thanks and be mindful. As someone who has struggled throughout my personal life journey, I give because I know what it feels like to struggle and need a helping hand. I feel that my life struggles and lessons have made me who I am today. I want to look back and know that the assistance I received when I needed it most was paid forward when I was in a better position to do so. I am thankful that our company gives us the opportunity to give back to the community and those in need.”


Brittni Demnianiuk, Human Resources Operations Coordinator