4 Ways to Beat Distraction in a Workplace


4 Ways to Beat Distraction in a Workplace

Feeling distracted and unproductive is something a lot of people deal with in a workplace. You are bombarded daily with news, text messages, social media, etc. Working in an office environment, you sometimes get caught up with talking to others and realize it’s been 10 minutes or more.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person works about 8 hours every day. During the 8 hours research has shown that a worker will work 11 mins before getting distracted.

Below are helpful tips to help you become less distracted and achieve long term goals.

  1. Break Down Your Work: When you have a large project you are working on, break it down into smaller tasks can help a lot. This will allow you to give yourself a break in between. Allowing yourself a break will help you not make any mistakes with your work and you can have a fresh look on the project task each time after a break.
  2. Mozart Really Works: I know, this sounds silly! However, Mozart really works for concentration. “The Mozart Effect” was started in 1991, but it has been studied for years about the idea of listening to classical music, which stimulates the brain to focus. Believe it or not, sometimes just putting headphones with no music can help you block out outside distractions. It is more of the idea of zoning out noises, so you can fully just have brain power to complete this task efficiently and timely.
  3. Block Off Your Calendar: Blocking off your calendar is an idea of helping you prioritize your tasks for the day. It helps you keep organized to make sure you are meeting deadlines. It will also allow you to take the breaks you need, so you are not overworked.
  4. Healthy Lifestyle:I know you probably hear this a lot but do take care of yourself! It is important to get enough sleep and eat proper foods to keep you focused.