The Benefits of Hiring Recent College Graduates

The Benefits of Hiring Recent College Graduates

In today’s market there is a higher percentage of the workforce that is college educated. Obtaining a college degree has become easier with the growth in reputable online schools and the growing encouragement by parents and teachers to influence their kids and students to attend college.

A college degree may not hold the same value as it once did. This has created difficulty for recent college graduates to find jobs and stand out to employers. Employers today want someone with a college degree, but someone that also has professional work experience. Employers don’t want to risk hiring someone with no experience that will require lots of training when they can hire someone that has a few years of experience for the same entry level position.

Hiring a recent college graduate can feel like a big risk, but there are many benefits as well. The biggest risk would be the financial burden on the company, if the recent graduate doesn’t work out. Here are a few examples of the benefits of hiring a recent college graduate:

Training: When training a college graduate, you can train that person to your company specific standards and processes. An experienced candidate can be set in their ways and have a difficult time adjusting to new processes. Recent college graduates are adaptable, eager to learn and grow.

New Trends: A college graduate that is just entering the professional world has a different outlook than more experienced employees. They can bring new perspectives to your organization, such as, newest cultural trends. They also have not yet been exposed to certain processes within an organization and they might be able to think of more efficient ways of doing things.

Want to Succeed: Many college graduates want to succeed and grow professionally. They have the determination to expose themselves to anything and are willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top. Employers can help develop the recent graduates into extremely valuable assets to your organization.

Another potential solution is to develop an Internship program in conjunction with one or more of the many high quality local colleges. This is a great way to establish your brand, company culture and gain access to emerging talent before they become available to the market.

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