Why You Should Work with a Staffing Company


Why You Should Work with a Staffing Company

Many businesses are unaware of why working with a staffing company can be beneficial and provide cost savings to them.

Having the right staffing partner can save you money. If you added up your internal cost of recruitment, including the hard and soft costs, you’ll see that staffing agencies can be more cost effective than internal efforts. Ensure that your staffing partner is focused on your employer brand and representing you well. Having a candidate experience/engagement structure in place will allow for you and your staffing partner to not only hire the best people, but also create fan bases to continue to pull from.

Below are 4 reasons why you should work with a Staffing Company:

  1. Recruiters Have Relationships with Candidates in Specific Industries and Specialties: Another benefit of having strong relationships with passive candidates, is the reduction in time to align candidates to an organization. When a staffing company receives a position from a client, they leverage their strong networks and connect with candidates they built relationships with over several years. They are not having to take the time to post, screen, interview and then submit to our clients. Recruiters benchmark passive candidates based on important characteristics of their job search and align them to desirable opportunities with their clients.
  2. Using an Agency as an Extension of Your Company to Sustain Productivity: Companies that need to ramp up to support an increase in new business or to handle a specific projects can leverage multiple Recruiters at a staffing agency. This also eliminates current staff having to take on additional responsibilities to cover an increase in the workload. For example: A client has 2 internal Recruiters that manage their internal positions. They landed a new large client and needed to ramp up 16 new important positions to service the new business. In a matter of a week, they leveraged a staffing company’s recruiting team to submit a large number of new candidates that are a strong fit for these crucial roles. This alleviates current staff from being overworked and allows for the new employees to successfully service the new client.
  3. When Using an Agency, You Only Pay for Results: There are no upfront costs when leveraging staffing agencies and you only pay for results after hiring a new employee. Even after a new placement, a placement guarantee will ensure your investment in that new individual is protected. If you need immediate support to cover a medical leave, maternity/paternity leave, etc., you can leverage temporary and temporary-to-hire employees. This also allows for you to get someone into your organization immediately while allowing you time to evaluate their performance before making them a permanent employee. This lowers unemployment costs for the company as the temporary employee is employed by the staffing agency as opposed to your own company.
  4. Avoid Internal Recruiting Costs: For smaller companies, they can avoid high costs of recruiting resources and human capital technology by not having to invest in these resources internally. Staffing Companies invest in recruiting tools that clients don’t have to invest in to recruit top talent.