Generation Z and the Influence on our Workforce

Generation Z

Who is Generation Z and what kind of influence will they have on our workforce?

In the next few years, a new generation will be entering the workforce; Generation Z. For years, we have heard about Millennials and how they have changed the business world, but this new up and coming generation is all about personal branding and impacting the world.

According to Fortune,  “83% percent of students today believe that 3 years is the appropriate time to spend at their first job”. This is a big change in the work force because most Millennials stayed at their job less than 3 years. Generation Z is more realistic, having been raised by parents of Generation X during the wake of a recession. Generation Z is expected to take fewer risks and seek more stability than their Millennial counterparts.

Millennials grew up in a world of the information age and have witnessed and participated in the introductions to social media and rising technology. Generation Z was born into a world of snapchat and sixty-second vine videos. This, in turn, allows them to digest information quickly which motivates them to want to learn more and gain more knowledge.

They have viewed learning solutions, How-to YouTube videos and will take advantage of workplace development training programs to further enhance their skills.

Their impact on our workplace will be different but contain some similar aspects. We will still see the social impact remain the same regarding employee volunteering and programs that create tools for strengthening skills and leadership.  They don’t want to just work a summer job but they want to create solutions to the world and they won’t let anyone stop them. Bolstered by growing up in a recession, they are careful with their decision-making skills and will look at everything on the table before making a commitment.

As a business, Generation Z will make a strong impact. They will create a world of change and bring that competitive edge we have been missing. Many believe that they will be the richest generation yet.