Social Media: Professional vs. Personal Use

By Matthew Haver, CIR ACIR CDR, IT Division Manager / Lead IT Recruiter

Social media is great for so many purposes.  You can stay in touch, get a hold of old acquaintances, share photos, invite people to events, stay up on current events, the list goes on and on.  I’m a proponent of social media, I use it heavily, and I don’t agree with companies trying to control or restrict employees’ use of personal social media accounts.  That being said, you have to realize that social media is out there on the internet, it’s “social.”  So even if you think you are being careful and clever if you post something negative about your employer, that could get back to them, and you could get fired.

Also, realize that in this day and age employers research their potential employees as much as possible, and it’s easy for them to do with your information all over the internet.  You’re welcome to post your “party” pics or whatever else you feel is fun on your page but realize that it may be the reason why you don’t get the position you are interviewing for.  The take away is that social media is powerful and far reaching.  Enjoy responsibly or at your own risk.

The views expressed in this blog are his alone and do not necessarily represent the views of his employer.