Why Working with a Recruiter Will Get You the Right Job

By Matt Haver, IT Division Manager/Lead IT Recruiter 

Before I get into why you should work with recruiters, let me clarify a common misconception.  A good majority of people think that recruiters try to place people at jobs.  This is what I would call a push model; working with individuals and marketing them to positions.  That isn’t what the majority of recruiters do and it’s not because we don’t want to help.  It’s due to our business model.  Most recruiters and recruiting agencies work off a pull model; we work to fulfill the recruiting needs of our clients (both direct and contingent).  So even if you are the most talented amazing person in the world we may not have a position you are a fit for right now.  So what does that mean to you?  It means you should work with multiple recruiters, or at least don’t rely on one recruiter to find you a new position.

Now back to the question of why you should work with recruiters.  We are in a better position than you are to get you considered for positions with our clients.  We have built the relationships.  We have access to the hiring managers and HR.  We’re a more direct route to being considered for the positions we have to offer.  If conversely you decide to try to apply to a position directly as opposed to working with a recruiter you may miss out in a variety of ways.  Your resume could go to a bottomless pit of resumes received.  You could be misidentified by HR, an internal recruiter, or even the hiring manager and passed over.  Our job is to get you considered.  We help the client select and consider the most qualified individuals and we facilitate the process through to an offer.

You might say, “I’ve been burned by recruiters in the past.”  The truth is there are bad recruiters out there just like there are bad Real Estate Agents, Mechanics, Lawyers, etc.  There are a lot of good recruiters out there and they can help you with positions they have access to.  Also try to keep in mind that recruiters also have to work with the even changing needs of our clients.  We’re frustrated just like you are when we don’t get feedback or the position gets canceled in the middle of the process.

The take away here is that recruiters can help you get considered and placed at the positions they have available to them.  We are experts at facilitating the hiring process.  Help us help you and realize that we will place you if we can.  We love helping and it makes us happy when we can help you get hired!