In Celebration of Earth Day…Are You a Fish or a Cactus?

By Dane Dyck, Account Executive

Earth Day:  What does Earth day mean to you?  Is it just another day to say, “Happy blank Day;” another day that you hope is nationally observed and falls on a Monday or Friday so you can have a three day weekend (those are the best); maybe a day where you think twice about throwing the super sized grease stained McDonalds bag out of your car while driving on the freeway (I’ve actually seen this happen); or maybe you just celebrate it because “going green” is the new cool trend (I’ve thought about buying a Prius)?

Whatever Earth Day means to you, hopefully at some point during this day of celebrating the 5 Billion years of the Earth’s existence, you appreciate the beauty and delicacy of this planet.   I’m in no way an expert or activist on saving the earth but I don’t think you need to be a scientist or a “hippy” to appreciate the Earth and the resources it provides us for our survival.  I do think that we should be conscious of our planet and think about how we’re treating it 365 days a year.


So to kick off Earth Day, we decided that we would let some of our favorite companies here in San Diego take their pick from a fish bowl or a cactus terrarium.   Wepicked Fish because they are some of the earliest forms of life on this planet and cacti are some of the earliest plant species on this planet.  So ocean or desert, swimming or soaking up the sun, relaxing all day with little activity or high energy with lots of activity, if you are stuck in a corner do you swiftly avoid the situation or do you stand your ground and get prickly? We all have some early forms of life traits in us…Are you a fish or a cactus?