Christmas Cheer Brought Early this Year to Two Military Families

It isn’t every day that we get to touch the lives and hearts of complete strangers, to warm their holidays with cheer and hope where little existed before. During a time when family and togetherness are the biggest gifts, two deserving military families in California showed us that even the smallest gesture could make a huge difference.

Both families will be without Dad this Christmas and both were unsure if they would be able to celebrate.Deployed in Korea, an Army soldier from Northern California will be missing his youngest of three sons’ first Christmas. In Southern California, a Navy soldier will be leaving his wife and two young daughters for his third deployment; it will be his first deployment to Afghanistan.

Through the National Military Family Association, The Amerit Family of Companies was able to help the twofamilies make this holiday season one that none of us will forget. It was truly a blessing to help make this Christmas a joyous holiday in the midst of such difficult circumstances.

The offices of the Amerit Family of Companies came together to grant these families all of their Christmas gift wishes. The amount of joy and happiness we were able to give them was a gift in itself. The children were elated when Amerit’s Santa and elves arrived with arms full of gifts. Something as small as a book, diapers, or shoes may seem miniscule to many Christmas wishes. But these small gifts, together, became a reason to smile and celebrate when hope was lost.

“Words cannot express how thankful my family is for you and your elves,” said one of the families. “Because of you and your elves, my children will have beautiful memories of this Christmas. Thank you very much.”

We proudly support our country’s military forces and are thankful for the many sacrifices each soldier makes in protecting us. We feel blessed to have been able to help make this Christmas a cheerful one to remember. We wish these and all military families a happy holiday season filled with love and warmth. To help make another military family’s wishes come true, visit