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At Suna, we pride ourselves in creating customized staffing solutions that align with your business goals and company culture. We take every placement personally and utilize our experience to make educated decisions to optimize your workforce. Whether you are looking to fill a direct hire position with complex skill requirements, employer or record services or contingent workforce management, Suna provides total talent management solutions with competitive pricing.

Our Connections, Your Advancement

We specialize in working in multiple categories including finance and accounting, life sciences, healthcare, energy and more for US companies. Our Recruiters focus on industry verticals to provide you with the precise expertise needed to fill each position. Our strong industry connections supply a competitive edge over your competition to provide you with the best talent faster and more efficiently.

Permanent & Temporary Staffing Solutions

Eliminate up front hiring costs, decrease turnover and allow your HR team to focus on their daily tasks. We help manage your workforce more efficiently while saving time and costs so you can focus on your business goals.

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