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Get Career Happy with Suna.

Happy people are more productive, have better relationships and are more successful. At Suna, we utilize this philosophy in our own company culture and it’s the reason we are dedicated to finding career opportunities that make people happy–both talent and employer. Not happy with your current position? Get happy with Suna.

Our Connections, Your Career Advancement

From entry level to C-Level, we can help you find the perfect career match. We specialize in working in multiple categories including finance and accounting staffing and life sciences staffing. Use our strong industry connections to get an edge over your competition.

A Relationship You Can Count On

We’re relationship people. We take time to understand your goals, wants, needs and get you matched with the right opportunity... and have fun doing it. We are transparent, focused and have got your back throughout the process. See us in action by pressing play below.

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At Suna, we like to think of ourselves as matchmakers. We find amazing talent and match them with amazing opportunities to grow and succeed. We are proud to have worked with some of the finest talent in Southern California and connected them to some of the finest companies.


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