Pride Mentorship

Program with a Purpose

Suna shares their expertise and resources through a mentorship program with Pride Resource Partners LLC (Pride) to create a stronger and more competitive business environment that will work efficiently towards competing in today’s market. The mentorship program furthers inclusion for LGBT-owned businesses in procurement processes and increases opportunities to continue progress through legislation. By engaging in our program, suppliers will now have access to exceed diversity spend procurement goals in the staffing, payroll and MSP service offerings.

Developing and implementing a formal Mentor-Protégé relationship requires a tremendous amount of commitment from both parties in terms of time, resources and a communications strategy to constantly evolve the milestones of the program. The program started by defined expectations, what resources and time commitments would be required as well as prioritizing milestone deliverables. The foundation of a successful program relies on a thorough communication process that allows for consistent check-ins and re-evaluations. The marketplace can now engage a highly qualified and proven LGBT-owned company in Pride, that is now capable of providing more tactical service offering for companies who are strategic and wish to leverage the benefits of working with a diverse organization.


Together We Offer:

Our mentorship program offers 100% supplier diversity credit for the following solutions.

Managed Service Provider Solutions

Engage our MSP solutions that will improve regulatory compliance, save time and costs, enhance analytics and reporting and more.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We support your company's workforce hiring through a set of recruitment resources that optimize talent pooling and cost effectiveness.

Contractor Compliance

Allow our compliance experts to properly classify your candidates so you can avoid costly fees for misclassifications.

Payroll Service

Integrate our seamless payroll solutions that eliminate manual tracking, advance security protections and provide real-time reporting features of your workforce.

Joe Maak
Joe Maak – Owner of Pride Resource Partners
“PRIDE is grateful to SUNA for continuing to mentor, empower, and elevate a small diverse business like ours. With the mentorship of SUNA, PRIDE is able to sustain and grow it’s delivery of critical services. It is this collaborative, inclusive approach that will not only allow us to prevail together, but thrive in coming years.”

Mentoring and Development of Pride

  • Ability to engage Suna’s Human Resources, Recruiting, Operations, Marketing and Compliance Teams to further education and insight into complex solution offerings
  • Pride’s personnel have access to Suna’s professional development and training programs as well as tactical resources
  • Business proposal support and training to Pride to enhance its business development and marketing capabilities
  • Access to Suna’s national networking database
  • Understanding the learning curve of business objectives while establishing new protocols based off lessons learned
  • Sharing of experienced resources to create a stronger business proposition for both Suna and Pride
  • Advancing opportunities for Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs)


Michael Larkins – President of Suna
“Having benefitted from partnering with larger organizations during our infancy, Suna is now in a position to give back. Having access to resources we didn’t have and couldn’t afford increased our ability to be thought leaders in our industry.”

If you would like to get involved with or would like more information on the Suna Solutions and Pride Resource Partners Mentorship Program, please call or submit a client contact form today.