Miramar Airshow

How many companies lease space on the top floor of a beautiful building with million dollars views, only to be enjoyed by the few lucky who have climbed the corporate ladder to the corner office? The image conjures memories of corporate bailouts and giant payouts, with CEO’s hoarding their Central Park views like they do their bonuses.

Never to be the case with Suna and their gorgeous, but humble view of downtown San Diego. Their motto? What good is a truly beautiful view without being able to share it with friends and family? And so it was for this year’s Miramar Airshow (check out video here: Fly-by2).

Suna employees along with family and friends were invited to watch the festivities up close and personal. Over 30 people were able to attend, turning the normally productive, if not quirky, offices into a veritable jungle gym for kids of all ages. In true Suna tradition, the foosball tournament was won by none other than the perennially youthful leader of the clan, Michael L. Whether or not he won by intimidation is purely speculation.

Most would avoid work on a Saturday afternoon, preferring to watch the show from an overcrowded strip mall parking lot, but it says something about a culture when co-workers not only enjoy each other, but desire to include friends and family. Not to mention that Michael contends his wins were legitimate rather than the by-product of hierarchical acquiescence (or colloquially known as fear of the boss). I actually believe him. I’m sure it has nothing to do with being compared to Mr. Despicable when wearing a black turtle neck by Monica M. (Note: does that make Suna employees Minions?)

In an age when big business could be seen as too big, the fresh community of the Suna Solution Revolution and its organic joy and infectious employee empowerment, effortlessly affects the extended family of clients, friends and contractors bringing much needed rain of innovation to the desert of over bloated business ego.

Cheers to balconies, airshows and jungle gyms. We say, “Next time, can you get a giant jumper?”