Building International Culture-Adaptation Skills in cooperation with Key Change Institute (For SACC Interns)

Going to a new country, and learning a new culture is exciting…and yet it can be a bit confusing at first.  We decided to reach out and help in the journey for five Swedish International Business Students/Professionals.   For the last 6 weeks we worked alongside with Reut Schwartz-Hebron, Founder of KeyChange Institute, to provide a cultural-adaptation training for the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce interns.  They had made their way to San Diego to learn about United States business.   Arrabella Carey Adolfsson, she goes by Carey, is on the Board of Directors of the SACC and is the CEO The Diagnostic and Defense Technology Analysts.  She introduced us to the previous SACC interns before they left to return home.  The overall feedback was that the journey for them to learn business and society in US was long, and just as they hit their six month trip duration, they felt they finally understood the culture.  To speed up the process, we created a program to teach students how to identify the changes within each culture, and adjust to the given culture as desired.  We spent a day touring some of San Diego’s finest employers including Websense, Vistage International, Cassidy Turley BRE Commercial, and Lockton Insurance.  We are very proud to say the results speak for themselves…on our final day of training we had a group hug and enjoyed stories of what we are learned from each other.   Stay tuned as we roll this program out to assist additional international business students and “pay it forward” to these amazing professional who will be guiding international businesses in the future.